Hello y’all. Happy Easter! I have just been wanting to write about how grateful I am for all that He has given me in my life. Every time I see His actions through someone or something, or I open up the Bible and I learn a new lesson, I am just overwhelmed with joy. Although I am still learning (like everyone else), I am incredibly blessed to have all that He has given me.

  1. My parents: they are amazing, yet very different. My mom is very witty and strong headed, but she is my rock when I’m going through a tough time or when I’m not feeling well and oh-so-very loving. My dad is a people pleaser (which isn’t always a great thing), and he tries to see both sides to anything. With the two different personalities, I get to see the good and the bad, which teaches me a nice balance between the two. It also gives me different perspectives and allows me to connect on a more personal level with all different kinds of people. I am blessed with their unconditional love.
  2. My peers: from my friends to the people I work with or I just meet for a slight second, they all teach me something. My friends are the most influential; I have gained new friends and lost some old ones. The ones I end up losing are because we don’t have a strong foundation–we didn’t build up trust. Kathryn and Nia are perfect examples of people I have strong foundations with. Although I have only known them for 2 years, we started out acquaintances and slowly started talking more, then we started to hangout, and now we know each other like the back of our hands. Some other people I have been friends with weren’t really my friends. We just used each other for rides or connections, and that’s a sin that I’m guilty of. Some other people that are my friends make bad decisions (we all do). And I’m not talking about like a few decisions I don’t agree with every once in awhile. I’m talking like all.the.time. I learn the most from these people. They teach me life lessons that I never would’ve thought of learning, and it gives me the chance to try to influence them in a positive manner through my actions! I am extremely grateful for Noah as well. Jesus shines through him everyday. I am blessed to have been given someone who I can be fully myself around and enjoy life with, and no matter what happens, I am so grateful for what we have experienced and learned together.
  3. Experiences: from technology and social media to traveling, school, and work, I so blessed to have had the experiences that I have. I’ve had my downfalls on social media, like over editing my pictures. But usually, they are wonderful. Although some things in the Bible can’t apply to our everyday lives because of the advancements we have made, we can apply the lessons that it teaches us. Through social media, I try to keep it postive and a reflection of me, which ended up getting me an internship! I also get to blog and display my style, which I am so grateful for. On another note, personally, I’m a liberal. Nevertheless, I have traveled all over the US and seen the different perspectives for all, which is amazing. The Bible is full of metaphors, and we all interpret it differently! Also, schooling is one of the things I’m most blessed to have. My parents taught me the skill of hard work, which I apply to school and work and get great things in return. I also go to a very diverse school. Three of my guy best friends are all named Mohammed/Mohammad, and I have friends with roots from Mexico, Singapore (hey Kath), Greece, Syria, Pakistan, India, and more. All of their cultures and religions opened my eyes to how big the world is, and although Christians’ lives revolve around Jesus, not everyone’s life does. I have learned to be accepting of all people: gay or straight, black or white or brown, Hindu or Muslim or Christian. And that’s because it’s not my place to judge someone, Jesus is accepting of anyone and everyone, and He LOVES you. And I want to follow in his footsteps. 

So my shoutout on my blog today is to Jesus! Thank you for your all of your blessings.

Blogging my day | 3.18.16

Stop 1: Dapper Pig

One word: delicious! I came here with my friends Olivia and Lily, and we all feasted on this wonderful food. I had a black bean and corn veggie burger ( with ketchup, duh) and home cut fries.   
  Ootd: Loft sweater, target chinos, target sandals, target sunglasses, forever 21 accessories

Stop two: Exploring Downtown   

Beautiful flowers at River City Mercantile!

Stop 3: Hong Kong Foodie To Go

My dad’s restaurant!  I had friend noodles and tofu with colored peppers. I wanted to take home all of the goodies they brought back from their trip to Hong Kong!  


Blogging my day | 3.14.16

 Hey y’all! I had a wonderful day today. It was sunny and 80 degrees, and some of my class and I got to walk down to the museum. I wanted to share some pictures to recap and relive this memory. 

Kathryn and I were trying to take cute pics, but some people were judging hardcore, so it was a tad awkward sometimes (who cares what people think though).

My top is from Marshalls, my bag is from Francesca’s, my jeans are from hollister, and my shoes are from Francesca’s.   
I want this still life in my room 💓

This exhibit was our favorite!


A panorama of our beautiful city’s museum. 


Doing my intern duty and taking pictures of a vintage consignment shop that will be featured in an upcoming issue of Love It! Evv.

I love pastels 🌸

Spring Lookbook | Part 1

Hey y’all! I want to start a new series where I document some of my favorite outfits of the season. The weather has been beautiful, so I broke out one of my favorite basic tanks and my $10 H&M jeans (yes, 10 dollars, and they fit perfectly). I hope you all enjoy, if you have any questions, leave me a comment! Also, all the links will be at the end of the post 🙂


White jeans (similar) | Chambray button up & another | Navy tank (similar) | Sandals | Sunglasses | Bracelets | Necklace | Purse (similar) & another

Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

spring cleaning tups and tricks

1. Go through winter and fall clothes that are currently in your closet.

See any sweaters you didn’t wear all winter long? What about scarves, hats, and shoes? Any pants? Go through each piece one by one and ask yourself this: Did I wear it? Will I wear it through the spring? If the answer to both is yes, keep it! When going through this process, be sure to save some cute sweaters for cold spring days.

2. Organize and store the winter clothes your keeping and donate the unwanted.

Most of my chunky sweaters and other strictly winter and fall items got stores under my bed. Some of my chunkier boots and jackets got stored in the basement. If you answered no to the questions that were formerly mentioned, donate them! Hoarding clothes that you will “maybe” wear “one day” is a waste of space and energy.

3. Go through storage bins for your spring clothes.

Has your styled changed since last spring? If so, there are some pieces that need to go. Pay attention to the quality of the pieces as well. Are there threads everywhere? Let it go. Also, if you seen anything you didn’t wear last year, or something you can part with in general, donate or sell it.

4. Sort into piles and reorganize closet with your transition and spring pieces.

This is my favorite part. I usually put my sweaters and pullovers I kept for spring in the back of my closet, then I do long sleeved to sleeveless blouses, then button downs, then lightweight, everyday Ts. I also integrate some of my favorite shorts into my pants drawer and put winter pants away.

An extra fun tip:

If you get rid of something because of the quality or think of a staple you need for your closet, make a list. Then, go through and find what your looking for on websites, get an estimate price, then pin it to a Pinterest board. Finally, budget yourself for each month, that way, you don’t spend all your money, and you might realize you don’t need some things on your list after all.

Currently | March 2016



Following: Candace Cameron Bure. Ohmygosh she is perfect! I found her in my “explore posts” area of Instagram, and she is the cutest. I loved reading her faith section on her website, and now I’m hooked. She is so genuine and pure, and when I find people with those characteristics, they encourage me to be more like them!

Watching: Fuller House. Thanks to the previously mentioned chickie, my eyes have been glued to the TV. It’s different from my usual show; it’s filled with lightweight jokes and cheesy drama. I didn’t think I would like it, but I love it!

Setting: Goals! I have a few goals for this month/semester:

  • $150 in the bank by April 1
  • Save up for golf clubs
  • Save up for golf shoes
  • Save up for watercolor calligraphy marker
  • Keep my 4.0 throughout the second semester

I just put some money in the bank today, and my mom’s friend gave me her lightly used golf clubs (bless her).

Eating: My mom’s protein bars. I usually stick with the Luna chocolate peppermint bars, but I have been loving her strawberry yogurt Zone Bars!

Praying: For my Doggie, Rosie. She has had a torn ACL, and she is super old, so she’s been having a hard time. Her surgery is in two weeks, then therapy, so she will be getting some extra lovins for awhile!

Wanting: Most of the stuff on my new Pinterest board called “wish list.”

Eight Tips for Finishing the Semester Strong


  1. Revive your supplies! It always encourages me when I buy new pens or a new todo list. A great way to finish the semester strong is to not let your dull pencils and broken pens weigh you down.
  2. Set goals. My goals for the semester are to put $150 in the bank by April 1, save up for golf shoes and clubs, save up for a calligraphy pen, and keep my 4.0. What are your goals?
  3. Make your notes pretty. Although it’s important to keep your notes filled with information, you will more likely be willing to study them if they are nice to look at. So grab your highlighters and fancy pens and take some notes!
  4. Study with your friends. They may have information that you don’t, so it won’t hurt to work and study together. You can also help each other with individual difficulties, and teaching someone how to do something is a great way to perfect it yourself.
  5. Ask teacher for advice or help. If you make the effort, they will too. Teachers love seeing that their students care about the class enough to take time out of their schedule to get help with it.
  6. Use Khan Academy. I use them for math and econ and they help everything make sense! They have a video course and some simple questions to make sure you understand the subject, and it’s all free.
  7. Use Crash Course. For all of my history, some science, government, and econ classes. I head over to crash course to watch some of my favorite people (John and Hank Green) inform me on the topic at hand.
  8. Make and effort to use your planner! I cannot stress this enough. I didn’t write down my health articles this week, and what do you know, I didn’t turn them in either. If you don’t currently have a planner, you can find super cheap and cute ones at target to finish the semester strong!

Hope y’all enjoyed, XOXO


A Febuary OOTD

Hey y’all! I’ve been filled with emotions lately, from being grateful to sobbing my eyes out. Throughout all of these ups and downs, I can always count on a cute outfit and a great friend to adventure with and brighten up my day.   
Filters used: VSCO presets C1, E3, E6, G3, C2

Top: Zara 

Jeans: Abercrombie 

Jacket, rain boots, sun glasses, earrings: Target 

Bracelets: Alex and Ani

Hair tie: local boutique

Cheer on Others

I love this quote; it says so much about life. Throughout school, a job, and being retired, this thought will always play a role in our lives.

I attend a highly competitive charter school, which means that people are always failing and succeeding. Throughout high school, my friend group has gotten smaller, and I love my friends that have stuck with me. I have friends that don’t have to work very hard to get an A, but I also have friends that have to work their butts off to get an A; I even notice this with people that I’m not very close with. Despite either category, success and failure easily gets to our heads. If material comes naturally to us and we are use to getting As, but then we get a paper back that got a C, what do we do? Usually we hide it, and when people ask us what we got, we reply “I did fine” because we are embarrassed. Or if we usually do mediocre, even if we work as hard as we can, but one day we finally get an A+, what then? We light up and can’t contain our happiness, we can’t wait to reply when all of our classmates ask us how we did, and we feel so intelligent when we did well but everyone else thought the assignment was super difficult. And, again, despite either category, if someone else does well and discusses it, we feel a flame start inside. It may make some of us just a tad spiteful, other of us might be filled with rage.

Why do we act in this manner? Yes, it’s “human nature” and all, but why don’t we choose grace and kindness instead of jealousy and spite?

It does take time and practice, but habits like this can be changed. I’m am still improving on it myself, but what I have been doing is smiling, taking a deep breath, and congratulating the person (even if there is every reason for me to be angry). And if we think about it, what harm will come to us for congratulating them? We won’t begin to fail, to fall or to fight. We will avoid arguments, make friends, and relieve stress. So why don’t we all make it a goal and try it out? After all, supporting another’s success won’t ever dampen yours.

Instagram week 1

Instagram feed week one:

“Wishing for warmer weather”

I paired a chambray button up (old navy) with a white sweater (loft) and my camel coat (anne taylor). I accessorized with a green plaid scarf (old navy) and gold/pearl bangles (forever 21).

“Love that I can walk to this from work”

The Alhambra Theatre–Haynie’s Corner

“Matching in Polo”

I am wearing a men’s polo pullover and my white button up (jcpenny’s). Noah is wearing a gingham button (vineyard vines) and a polo pullover.

“Accessories and economics”

Accessorizing with bangles (forever 21).

“Could knot think of a good caption”

I am wearing my camel coat, striped sweater (gap), and skinny jeans (abercrombie). I accessorized with my grey scarf (h&m) and bangles (alex and ani, forever 21).

“New cloth alert”

White sweater (loft), tan sweater (old navy), grey turtleneck (target), blue sweater (loft)

“Pretzels w mom”


“Best soap shop I have EVER visited”

Purse (francescas), leggings (forever 21), wind breaker (tj maxx)

Sixth Street Soapery

“Sunday is the day where I finish everything I should’ve done awhile ago”

Notes (rifle paper co), pouch (forever 21)

“After a long but wonderful day, it’s always lovely to end with a bath bomb from @sixthstreetsoapery”

Bedding/Pillows (target)

“Dainty jewelry day”

Vest (Jcrew factory), blue button up oxford (old navy), jewelry (forever 21/alex and ani)


Loafers (h&m), navy chinos (old navy), my jewelry (forever 21/alex and ani), his watch (daniel wellington), bracelets (etsy)

“Spring mail and Luna’s tail”

Rain jacket (target), gingham button up (target), grey peplum (gap), bracelet (forever 21)

Navy sweater (forever 21), oxford (jcpenny’s), bracelets (forever 21)

Love IT Evv Magazine

Read coat (old navy), navy turtleneck (abercrombie), green plaid scarf (old navy)

Notebook (target), quote paper (Kana Brown’s beauty room), mug (target)